German Hunting Terrier

The German Hunting Terrier, or German Jagdterrier, is a popular breed due to its hunting skills and loyalty to its master. Its name derives from the Latin word for "earth", namely "terra", as the ancestors of terriers hunted wild animals living underground. Known to Germans as "Jagdterrier", this breed of dog is very new, developed in Bavaria at the turn of the 20th century. It was used mainly for hunting foxes, badgers, weasels and wild boar.

This descendant of the more established breeds of Tan Wire and Fox Terrier inspired the formation of the first Jagdterrier Club in 1926. The '50s heralded a new era in the history of Jagdterriers, with dogs being taken to North America for use in squirrel hunting. The United Kennel Club in England recognised the breed in 1993, but the Jagdterrier is rarely bred or used for hunting outside Europe.

German Hunting Terriers are tenacious and hardy dogs. Their liveliness and their innate hunting abilities can make them challenging. Keeping up with a dog as energetic as this can be time-consuming, but very rewarding. With copious amounts of exercise at predetermined times of the day, the German...

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