The Azawakh is a hunting and guard sighthound with its origins in Northern Africa. Tall, regal and distinctive, they are pack orientated and a proud, loyal member of a family.

The Azawakh is still a rather uncommon breed out of Africa, but is becoming more popular due to its loyal nature and handsome stature.

Appearance, Health and Hygiene

The Azawakh is tall, standing 74 centimetres high, and has a lean and leggy build. Overall it gives the impression of fineness and delicacy. Its skin is tight across the whole body. The coat varies in shade from fawn to light sable.

This breed is exceptionally healthy and strong, with very few health problems. They are noted as quick healers and suffer from few genetic troubles such as hip dysplasia.

There are a few records of epilepsy and of Wobblers disease, but this may be down to a variance in diet with the breed moving to Western climes.

The short coat requires little grooming, and is a medium shedder. The Azawakh does not fare well in the cold and a coat will be required at times.


The Azawakh is a fiercely protective breed, and is extremely dutiful to territory and people. As it is a hound, it is to be expected that the breed is alert, loyal, protective and reserved around strangers. It is a loyal animal with those it bonds with and will remain gentle and affectionate.

It is important that the animal’s natural instinct to guard and protect are rewarded by a gentle, firm and consistent leader who provides the pet with a proper role and clear boundaries. As it does have a gentle nature, correction and discipline should never be overbearing or harsh.

As a pack animal they love being around other Azawakh.


Due to the hound mentality, the Azawakh needs to be socialised well as a puppy. It is also an extremely independent animal, and as such training should start early to ensure the proper boundaries are established.

Positive, gentle and calm training is required, as any overly negative or harsh discipline will produce mistrust, fear and aggression in the animal.

As a Pet

This is a breed that loves companionship and bonding with a family, however it will not be the most easygoing breed. Proper care, training and socialising is required. A large yard or open space will be needed, as will daily play and socialising. The Azawakh will probably be indoors a great deal as well, spending time with the family.

By sight alone one can surmise that this is a runner! While indoors, the Azawakh can be quite inactive, it is most definitely a breed that needs a great deal of exercise. Dog parks, beaches or other wide-open spaces are essential to let the Azawakh cut loose and burn off some steam. One must take into consideration however that as it is a hound it is naturally attracted to movement – think of people on bicycles, running children, other dogs and the like. This love of the chase coupled with their incredible speed means it’s quite easy for an Azawakh to be by your side to a mile away in the blink of an eye! This is where firm leadership and proper training come in to ensure the animal is properly mannered when in public.

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